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  • Cesar Millan

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  • Slip Leash: A commonly used tool for dog training/walking is a slip leash. You can easily make a temporary slip leash out of your standard nylon dog leash. That’s all you need. Metal chokes, electric shocks, and muzzles aren’t unnecessary. These corrective devices act like band-aids; they don’t address the real problem of why your dog may need them.

  • Sled Harness: Use when sledding or biking.

  • Bones: Each dog has his or her own treat preference, but you can’t go wrong with a Kongs or raw bones.

  • Booties: Stylish, and they protect your pup’s feet from hard or hot pavement. It’s a win-win.

  • Kennels/Crates: These are highly recommended for puppies or new dogs to the home. It gives them their own corner of the house to call their own. Who would want to go without their own room?

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*On Nutrition

If you ate cereal three meals a day for a month straight, your temperament would change; the high sugars and low protein levels would affect your ability to pay attention, have your emotions ruled by your constant hunger, and a whole myriad of other complications. It’s the same thing with dogs. For their best behavior, they need the best diet. Good nutrition matters.