Private At-Home Behavior Sessions

Working from home

In these sessions, we address issues like leash pulling, lunging, separation anxiety, aggression toward other dogs or humans, jumping, barking, feeding aggression, toy aggression. And all in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Old dogs can learn new tricks and, of course, puppies can too.




  • 1-2 Hours Each
  • $60 per hour


  • You will be invoiced for the amount of time after your session is complete.

  • We accept cash, check, PayPal and all major credit cards.


Your First Session for New Clients

The button above will take you to a new client questionnaire. Once we get that information from you, we will be in touch regarding setting up an appointment time and date. To get you thinking, we suggest our first session is in your house or a nearby park. Your first session is usually between an hour and two hours. If you have only an hour to spare, let us know ahead of time so we can be super concise. 

Follow Up Sessions for Existing Clients

Once we master dog behavior in the house and walking around your neighborhood, it's time to take on other challenges. Some clients wants to test their dog in an outdoor shopping mall, or place with lots of dogs, patios or dog park. Tell us what you want help mastering and we'll meet you there.