A new relationship with your dog awaits.

Sick and tired of your dog's incessant barking? Does your dog pull on the leash? Are you embarrassed of your dog's behavior in social settings? Terrified of taking your canine friend to the dog park? Does your dog lunge at bunnies or jump on friends? Does your dog leave evidence (i.e. dog hair) that he or she was on the sofa while you were out? Cat problems? Dog aggression? Food aggression? Scared of strangers and kids?

We can help. 


All dogs need mutual respect, trust and love.

We use simple and effective methods to address dog behavior challenges. We coach dog owners to be the very best dog parents. That means teaching the difference between confident leadership and screaming/yelling. That means taking the word "no" out of the equation. That means showing, not telling, you how to form a unique and mutually beneficial relationship with your dog.


Get started today.

We suggest getting started with a private at-home session or group class, but can easily introduce our way of working through Dog Exercise and Boarding.  Whatever your first step, there is a way for us to start forging the path for a new relationship.


Private At-home dog behavior sessions

We come to you to address issues like leash pulling, lunging, separation anxiety, aggression toward other dogs or humans, jumping, barking, feeding aggression and toy aggression.

Old dogs can learn new tricks and of course, puppies can too.


Group classes

Greater Denver Area

We offer a limited selection of group classes, mostly for our current clients to practice what they learn at home amongst other pet parents.

However, we do have a Dog Masters Intro Course you may enjoy.