The sibes were my favorite part of this course and getting to know the mushers was more than life changing. I took this course because I wanted to challenge myself to be a better dog owner and learn to ski with my dogs. It kinda felt like being on the Discovery Channel everyday! I think this is simply one of the greatest personal experiences that taught me so much about God through dogs and nature. Especially greater appreciation for wildlife and sacred places on the Planet. I also got to meet some of the Cushings and learned so much from Kirk and his incredible pack of dogs.  I never thought I would be part of a modern mushing family. This place feels like home and my family beyond the Wall. I also loved the Canadian winter and felt very prepared. I’m prepared to once again dream big and dare greatly with my dogs in the outdoors. I learned more than imagined from this experience. Thank you D Masters for accepting my application and teaching me how to lead my dog.
— - Skyler T.

Dog Musher Travel Course

Destination Canada! 

The Dog Masters has partnered with International School for Earth Studies to launch an annual Dog Musher Training Program in Western Quebec, Canada. In your course, you’ll mush your own team of dogs in a wilderness surrounded by wild animals as you learn about the incredible traditional art of dog powered sports.

This 5-day program is great for those who want to go on an adventure and develop a deep bond with dogs in an exhilarating setting. You can expect this course to go a little something like:

40 hrs of immersive group and individual workshops with the Earth Studies’ pack of 18-Siberian Huskies and nature resources.

  • 10 hrs of dog behavior training: learn how to safely walk, run, and hike with both leashed and unleashed dogs. Set rules and enforce appropriate behavior with a large breed pack of twenty-dogs. Use tools like dog sledding equipment, slip leads, dog backpacks and ecollar training.

  • 10 hrs of dog psychology and education: learn how dogs engage and interact within a safe learning environment. Watch dog sledding and behavior consulting videos from National Geographic. Research the cause and effects of sight, smell and touch as it applies to caring for dogs.

  • 10 hrs sled dog sport training: practice your cani-cross, bikejoring, and dog carting/sledding skills with one-on-one personal training and private coaching with the dogs.

  • 5 hrs leadership and risk management: learn about observation and awareness skills that professional mushing guides and canine professions use to ensure their clients and dogs are always in outstanding welfare conditions and in a safe and positive environment.

  • 5 hrs animal husbandry: learn about the rules that govern all animals in the animal kingdom and how dominant and submissive behavior modifies any natural environment. Group discussions and activities teach participants how to effectively communicate their intentions with dogs in a respectful manner.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation of skills and experience living with dogs and supervising pack dynamics to pursue your passion in animal education and outdoor travel. Upon completion of this course, you'll also receive a certificate.

Minimum Age to participate: 21 yrs.

Contact for available dates in the autumn and winter seasons 2018/19 - 2020/21.

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