We work with community leaders to create greater understanding of dog psychology and social behavior sciences. The focus of dog behavior consulting is increasing canine literacy with a large group of people who love animals.

This is a multiplayer approach to teaching the next generation of savvy dog owners. Participants learn more effective ways of engaging, rewarding, and interacting with all dogs. All participants in our consulting programs learn our three-step process to produce social behavior modification that create safe spaces and sacred places. 


Pet Store Manager Trainings

Pet store staff clearly delight in serving the furry friends in life. Many, though, may not know the inner workings of dog behavior, and thus, can feel stressed or anxious around dogs at work. We've created a leadership development program aimed at pet store managers to not only develop canine literacy, but also create a culture of confidence around dogs.

Ultimately, we want to help pet store staff be more educated and aware of how to interact with all types of dogs that enter their store location. Dogs should feel confident and relaxed within the store and not feel intimidated when new dogs enter the store. 


Canine Literacy Program Development

The Dog Masters partners with the International School for Earth Studies to develop canine literacy. The International School for Earth Studies has raised, trained and developed a pack of Seppala Siberian Huskies that they use for sled dog racing. The Dog Masters helps Earth Studies introduce new audiences to their pack, by creating programs like Canine Camp, for the next generation of Dog Owners, and Sled Dog Musher Trainings, for the adventure-seeker and animal lover.

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Veterinarian Office Lunch & Learns

The Dog Masters works with businesses to improve existing guidelines and implement new animal husbandry practices. We can come in to teach staff the necessary skills to become more trustworthy and reliable dog handlers.

Our lunch and learns address safety concerns, risk management, common stress factors and social responsibilities of interacting/engaging with dogs. We strive to increase the ethical and moral understanding of animal welfare according to peer reviewed science and team management skills.

We are the perfect stepping stone towards greater understanding of dog behavior training for the next generation of veterinarian and kennel technicians. Participants will learn how to modify/influence behavior, develop greater respect and trust with dogs, and become more confident at their place of work. 

Lunch & Learn Case Study

A team of vets wanted Kirk to start consulting with their local veterinarian clinic in Houston, Texas. They needed someone to help educate their staff about aggressive dogs and how to adequately exercise and care for them.

Attendees in this program learned the basics of how to: prevent accidents, walk a dog on leash and harness, recognize dominant and submissive behavior, safely maintain equipment and clean up waste, groom a difficult dog, and work with extremely nervous or aggressive dogs. 

The lesson plans covered in each 1.5 hour workshop covered both large and small dog breeds — no breed exclusions or age restrictions. The primary teaching tool was a conventional slip lead, provided by the clinic.

This Houston clinic had a small staff and lots of new volunteers. The attendee limit per class was 8 people during lunch hour. The Dog Masters provided drinks and sandwiches from the local deli shop. The clinic was invoiced $850 for each scheduled workshop.