Sled Dog Sport Coaching

What's your routine? What's your dog's?

Let’s find some aerobic exercise that you and your dog find safe and fun. You and your dog have completed basic behavior training and now you’re ready to solve the other part of the dog frustration equation - exercise!

In these sessions, we will find what works for you. Maybe you’re a runner and you want to teach your dog to run with you in a confident and focused manner. Maybe you’re an avid mountain biker but you’re nervous about clipping your dog with your tires. Maybe you power walk, but you are sick of the rabbit lunges and your arm is killing you from being drug around so much. Are you a hiker? Let’s try a backpack for your pup. He can carry the water and get a workout. Maybe you are a moderate skier, but you’ve never considered bringing your pup along to enjoy the backcountry. We teach you how to set rules, boundaries and limitations, and also best animal husbandry practices for all aspects of a dogs life span.

Let’s find a trail or route that best suits your relationship with your dog. Let’s mix up the routine -  try a few different sports. Need a goal to work toward - let’s sign you up for a  2K race!

We teach using the scientific method as the foundation and concrete information from behavioral sciences as the filler content. Once we've passed this information along to you, we know you'll see dramatic results that are unmistakable with your dog.

These exercise routines are the best way to bond one on one with your dog. You can feed two birds with one hand - you get your exercise and your dog get his exercise. We’ll help you pick the sport and gear best for you. We can start at any level.

Be prepared, though. We say that we do "human and dog behavior training" for a reason. Noticeable behavior changes happen when appropriate respect is shown to the points of authority. You'll need to be prepared to make as many changes of yourself as you are asking of your dog — it takes two to repattern behaviors.


  • 60-Minutes

  • $80 per hour for session at your home or park

  • $60 per hour for session at our store, Woofs N Hoofs

When signing up as a new client, please be sure to check your email for a questionnaire to fill out prior to your session!

Not sure if you’re ready for Sled Dog Sport Coaching. Start with a Private Behavior Session or our Group Classes.

You will be invoiced for the amount of time after your session is complete.

We accept cash, check, PayPal and all major credit cards.

New and Existing Clients can use the button below to book a session with the Dog Masters!

Your First Session for New Clients

Your first session is a behavior session. Usually between an hour and two hours. Generally, these sessions focus on dog behavior at home and around the neighborhood. By the end of the session, you'll have a solid grasp on skills and practices to work on with your dog to address behavior from the start. By the end of the first behavior session, we’ll decide what our first sport will be together and make a plan.

Follow Up Sessions for Existing Clients

Follow up sessions start at the house, a park or on a trail. We’ll take challenges at they come. A lot of the exercise routine includes behavior training. You and your dog are learning how to act in a different environment while getting your heart rates up together. Tell us what exercise, sport or routine you want help mastering and we'll meet you there.

The Dog Masters have helped hundreds of people create a more balanced lifestyle at home and in their professional careers. Here are a few case studies.


Jason wanted to get a new puppy for the family. It was his first time owning a dog and he planned on enrolling in puppy classes with their pet store and taking extra steps in being good dog owners. 

While picking up dog food, treats and crate, they asked the sales representative if they could recommend someone to teach them about dogs. Jason and his wife both work full time while their young children are at school.

They were were informed that Kirk hosted free educational seminars at the store. They took a business card and checked out The Dog Masters website for more information.

Jason even got his kids to do research on Kirk and his experience with dogs. They found amazing videos of dog sledding in Colorado and Canada. They watched several learning videos and started following him on Instagram and Facebook.

After attending the free seminar and meeting Kirk, they scheduled a private 2-hour class after-school at their home. The whole family was there, even one of the daughter’s friends who also wanted to learn about dogs.

Jason, his wife and kids were excited and felt ready to have a new family member into the home. Furthermore, as a family, they decided to plan to work with Kirk regularly until they felt completely confident with having a dog in the home; on walks, at the dog park and around friends and family.

They planned on having regular visits throughout the year at his flat hourly rate of $115.00. Kirk returned to their home a total of 6 times that year and numerous dog walks, games, dog park meetings and group events hosted by whole The Dog Masters community. 

Aggressive Mr. Max

Jenny needed help with Max, who barked and showed extreme or “Red Zone” aggression while on leash and towards strangers. He jumped on people and was always on the couch, and didn’t pay attention to commands. 

The neighbors expressed multiple concerns that they feel unsafe in their community and filed reports to the proper authorities. Jenny was worried about legal actions against her family because of their spayed/neutered 2 year old dog. They were also new to Denver and needed to budget and save money. 

Max was very destructive and chewed furniture and completely destroyed personal belongings such as shoes and socks. Jenny and her husband were concerned that anything new would be destroyed, waste time and make more vet bills. They also stopped having friends over because of Max’s worsening behavior. They decided together to ask for help.

Their veterinarian recommended working with a dog behavior trainer who specializes in behavioral problems such as leash reactivity, aggression, unstable and other unhealthy behavior. The same trainer was also recommended personally by Jenny’s chiropractor and family vet clinic. 

Kirk’s reputation for working with difficult puppies, bully breeds, terriers, sled dogs and Siberian Huskies proceeded him. Jenny visited the website and learned that Mr. Cushing is well respected in both Canada and the United States for his work with parents, mushers, dog trainers and teachers.

After talking over the phone for about half an hour, both Kirk and Jenny understood what’s expected from them. They schedule 2, hour-long, sessions over a 14-day time period. It cost $230 total, tax included. 

The dog who can workout

Lauren is an accomplished canine professional who competes internationally with her gorgeous 4-year old, intact male, Seppala Siberian Husky. She works from home and exercises regularly. Her dog, Storm is obsessive-compulsive around other dogs and when he sees small animals.

He is not aggressive, but because his sudden changes in behavior has directly caused dog pile-ups, various bikejoring and running accidents, Lauren could not continue to fall and hurt herself while exercising Storm. She tried E-collars, positive only trainers, and countless harnesses and sled dog equipment. Moreover, she was about to have knee surgery and foresees trouble while rehabilitating. Someone would need to exercise Storm for several weeks. 

Lauren wanted to have the ideal lead dog and travel companion who is confident, respectful and fully attentive to her commands. She needed to fully and completely trust Storm. Especially during long-distance races and events. She discovered The Dog Masters on Google and inquired about a private training schedule. Her deadlines, exercise routine and timescale was an important factor in deciding to work with Kirk.

She invested $3,000 in the season for private behavior and sled dog sports training, coaching and recovery sessions that included learning how to walk, hike, bike, camp, dogsled, assess risk management, health care and best animal husbandry practices. All the while introducing Lauren to the strong resources and networks The Dog Masters has cultivated to elevate Lauren and Storm's development. Storm and Lauren now compete nationally at a much higher performance level founded on mutual respect, trust and love.